We provide you with all the necessary equipment.

Premium shisha pipe

All of our shisha pipes are cleaned and sanitised after each use. We only use genuine and premium quality shisha pipes for our delivery service.

Electric coal burner

We provide you an electric coal burner . This will light coconut coals safely and efficiently.

Bowl of pre-packed flavor

Check out our range of flavors. We’re sure you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds!

Packet of charcoal

Coconut coals take slightly longer to ignite (10-15 minutes) these can be lit using one of our electric coal burners.

Safety tongs

Stainless steel tongs will be provided to allow safety when handling hot charcoal.

Hygienic mouth tips

We will provide you with 4 mouth tips per shisha, this allows you to share a shisha with others hygienically.

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